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After sales service / after sales policy

Adhering to the service tenet of “Respecting customers, letting“ God ”be satisfied, and minimizing customer losses,” Minnow's after-sales service department serves customers in good faith, and customer satisfaction is our working standard. In order to let Minnow users better enjoy Your rights, please read the following terms carefully.

◆ Service commitment
1. Mingnuo will answer customers' questions with enthusiasm, courtesy, seriousness and correctness.
2. Minuo will respond to the questions asked by users within 6 hours.
3. Complaints about product quality will be sent for repair within 24 hours; complaints about non-product quality can be handled within 24 hours according to customer complaint reasons and requirements;

◆ Services
1. Pre-sale services: Minnow's business personnel provide users with pre-sale consulting services. Business personnel will choose the most reasonable product model for users based on customer needs.
2. In-sale service: Minuo has sufficient supplies all year round. Minuo service personnel can receive the user's order notice to understand the required product specifications and models, and confirm the delivery time and location. product.
3. After-sales service: Mingnuo sets up a complete tracking service system for users, and tracks users' repairs, on-site repairs, and service return visits in real time to ensure perfect service. Minuo provides users with regular maintenance, freely detects the operation of the equipment for users, and guides users on the spot to use the machine correctly and answer user problems.

◆ Service Policy
1. Warranty period: ① Mingnuo product lifetime warranty; ② Minuo product users enjoy no less than the warranty period stipulated by the Three Guarantees: within the warranty period, provide users with free services; outside the warranty period, in accordance with Minuo products Uniform charging standards to provide users with paid services;
2. Interpretation of Warranty Period: During the warranty period, warranty refers to the meaning of guaranteeing maintenance, that is, the user purchases Minuo products and Minuo guarantees to repair the products after sale. Warranty period refers to the three-guarantee period promised by Minnow and enjoy free service during this period; Out-of-package warranty period refers to the warranty period beyond the three-guarantee period promised by Minnow, during which the user needs to press The National Three Guarantees stipulates the payment of maintenance and spare parts materials.
3. Warranty certificate: If the Minuo product has a warranty period within the warranty period, the product must be repaired with the purchase invoice and product warranty certificate. The product number to be repaired must be the same as the product number on the warranty certificate. Invoices and warranty certificates use the product number to calculate the warranty period. If neither is available, the user does not enjoy free services, but promises to provide users with paid services, and will charge users for maintenance and accessories fees in accordance with the unified charging standard of Minnow products.
4. Not applicable and restricted: Those who are in one of the following situations are not entitled to the free "Three Guarantees": ① The customer caused damage due to improper use, maintenance, or storage; ② The damage was caused by unauthorized removal or repair; ③ Without the Three Guarantee Certificate And a valid invoice; ④ The model on the Three Guarantees certificate does not match or is altered; ⑤ Damage caused by force majeure; In the above circumstances, we promise to provide users with paid services.