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Human Resources / Recruitment

Job information

Regional Sales Director

I. Duties

1. Responsible for product expansion, customer development, and regional operation planning and implementation in accordance with the marketing plan of the head office

2. According to the company's overall operating strategy, refine the operation mode suitable for each regional market;

3. Establish a good relationship with customers, timely feedback customer information, meet customer needs, and improve customer satisfaction;

4. Develop sales goals, market expansion plans and supervise implementation;

5. Participate in the formulation and implementation of various marketing programs;

6. Achieve monthly, quarterly and year-end regional sales targets and regularly report on work;

7. Establish a complete regional dealer network and integrate resources to achieve the company's overall sales goal.

Requirements for Regional Sales Directors

1. College degree or above;

2. Trained in marketing and management skills development;

3. Experience in sales management of enterprises;

4. Have good market judgment and development capabilities, and strong organizational management capabilities;

5. Skilled in operating office software;

6. High enthusiasm for work, good team spirit;

7. Strong observation and resilience.

8. Ability to build and manage teams.

3. Salary and benefits:

1. Salary treatment: basic salary + performance salary + business commission = 40W-60W / year

2. Welfare benefits: Five social insurances + housing provident fund + year-end bonus + various holiday benefits + various policy subsidies.

Sales Manager

I. Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the development, maintenance, management and customer service of company customers;

2. Implement marketing plan according to project plan and company sales policy;

3. Responsible for regional marketing, business public relations, project follow-up, implementation, business negotiation, contract signing, etc., and track and maintain for key projects and important customers;

4. Complete the annual marketing goals and profit targets issued by the company.

2. Job requirements:

1. Age: 25-40 years old;

2. Image: good image and good temperament;

3. Language: Standard Mandarin, fluent;

4. Education: Full-time college degree or above;

5. Major: Marketing, economics or machinery, environmental protection and other related majors;

6, working years: more than 3 years of front-line marketing work experience;

7, industry and experience requirements: special equipment or environmental sanitation, environmental protection and other equipment, industry investment, channel builders are preferred;

8. Able to adapt to short-term business trips in the province and be proficient in driving cars.

3. Salary and benefits:

1. Salary: basic salary + performance salary + business commission = 12W-20W / year

2. Welfare benefits: Five social insurances + housing provident fund + year-end bonus + various holiday benefits + various policy subsidies.