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Nantong Mingnuo Electric Technology Co., Ltd. 丨 Sweeper truck 丨 Sanitation truck 丨 Sweeper truck 丨 Garbage sorting truck 扫地车清扫车环卫车洗地机新能源车 Professional cleaning and sanitation equipment manufacturer sweeping truckcleaning trucksanitation truckwashing machinenew energy vehicle

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Nantong Mingnuo Electric Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 and is headquartered in Hai'an, Jiangsu Province.

  • Unpowered sweeper MN-P50 is easy to operate, compact and flexible!

  • Hand-held sweeper MN-P100AS, efficient and economical!

  • Small sweeper MN-C200, mechanical operation, compact and flexible!

  • Big mouth beak suction truck MN-TOUCAN, compact appearance, easy to suck leaves!

  • Elephant trunk pure suction car MN-MAMUT can be seated and towed, mobile handheld suction mouth!

  • The medium-sized sweeper MN-E800W has long-lasting power and hassle-free obstacles!

  • European version sweeper MN-M800, Italian technology, integrated design!

  • High-power sweeper MN-E800FB, fully enclosed cab, oversized filter, oversized water tank!

  • 240L four-wheel road sweeper MN-S1800, hydraulic lifting, flexible barrel change!

  • Pure suction road sweeper MN-X1800, flexible barrel change, one-button lift!

  • Large electric road sweeper MN-S2000, lasting power, long battery life!

  • European version of pure suction road sweeper X2000, combined with cleaning and sweeping, has a large capacity of garbage bins!

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    Nantong Mingnuo Electric Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 and is headquartered in Hai'an, Jiangsu. It specializes in producing electric sweepers, road sweepers, scrubbers, sanitation vehicles, three-wheel sweepers, road cleaning vehicles, electric garbage collection vehicles, electric High-pressure washing trucks and new energy sweepers are the earliest domestic manufacturers of electric sweepers and electric sweepers.

    • Thinking and Exploration of Management System Reconstruction from the Perspective of Waste Classification

    • Winter is coming, is your sanitation equipment ready for freeze protection?

    • Cyclone sweeping leaves, with the big mouth beak suction truck, sanitation workers no longer worry about this winter!

    • "Household Garbage Classification Mark" is officially implemented.

    • "Civilized City Thanks You", pays tribute to the guardians of the city

    • Mr. Minuo Shao participated in the 2nd General Assembly of China Cleaning Equipment and Supplies Suppliers Association (ACCESS)

    • Minuo's "Yellow Car" solves the dust troubles of your factory easily!

    • Minnow Small Class | Maintenance and Maintenance of Electric Sweeper

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    Case Library

    Nantong Mingnuo Electric Technology Co., Ltd. sweeper case, sweeper pictures, sweeper real photo library.

      • Four-wheel rear trailer MN-H91 case picture 20191102

      • Four-wheel high-temperature and high-pressure road maintenance vehicle MN-H51K case map 20191101

      • 240L four-wheel road sweeper MN-S1800 case diagram 20191031

      • High Power Sweeper MN-E800FB Case Study 20191030

      • Medium Sweeper MN-E800W Case Study 20191030

      • High-power sweeper MN-E800FB case diagram 20191029

      • Four-wheeled eight-barrel car MN-H82 case picture 20191029

      • MN-E800W case sweeper 20191029

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